Can you tell your brand story? How long does it take you to tell a stranger what you do, or what your organisation does?

I work with organisations to help them define their brand, the story that gives the creative meaning and rationale. The foundations that the marketing activity, internal values and direction of the business are built on. 

If you aren't sure what you need but feel like there is a gap in brand understanding or marketing strategy then get in touch and let's talk through where you are and where you want to be with this. It doesn't have to be hugely complicated or convoluted - it just needs to be clear and defined. 


Whether you are in need of a total rebrand or an evolution to your current brand I have a team of partners and collaborators to help. 

Under my guidance and our joint agreement of your creative proposition, required elements and the needs of the audience we will develop a creative brief and approach. I will then work with my highly experience partners to develop a creative approach that tells your story, expresses your value and most importantly - feels like the company you are at your best. 


Are you treating your brand as an asset that you have invested in? Are you protecting it and expecting things from it?

Your brand should be working hard for you, like any other asset. Defining a brand strategy which then informs all other strategies be they sales and communication or people and operations. 

Never wanting to make something complicated for the sake of it but recognising that organisations are complex we can dial up or down the layers of strategy that you need - and develop them together. 


So often we find it easy to talk about the services and products we offer - I'm doing it right now - but by having an independent person carefully and considerately speak with your customers and clients on your behalf you can start to understand the value those products and services really deliver. 

These interviews often result in a reviewed value proposition, key messages and ingredients for internal values and principles. Often I identify sales opportunities to current clients, I will hear service or operational feedback and brand perception. In addition I will also gather testimonials that are later approved for public use. 

Customer insight interviews give you confidence in your messaging, making your story authentic and your organisation easy to talk about. 

One client thought that they sold events with great speakers to business leaders. According to their clients they sell headspace, perspective and confidence. That's a much more interesting conversation to have with a prospect. 


Alongside a number of in-depth customer insight interviews you may wish to take the temperature of a large number of customers. What matters to them, what they appreciate about your organisation, what values they would like to see given more emphasis, and what values are important to them in their daily lives. 


Knowing what is important to customers and how they see your organisation helps you improve your culture and your brand.

When you show you care about your customers, they will care about you - and care breeds advocacy and loyalty. Its much cheaper to keep a returning customer happy than it is to win a new one!

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