Did you know more than 60% of mergers and acquisitions fail due to a lack of attention to cultural integration issues?

When considering a merger, an acquisition or a joint venture you can broadly hand over the financial and legal to intelligent and well educated people who will report to you about whether it looks to be a good fit. Often the only cultural fit that is taken into consideration is at a board level. "They feel like people we can work with.' Or worse "Well at least we'll only have to see them four times a year!"

I run projects, similar to that of the cultural health check, for a number of organisations and report back to a single or joint board of stakeholders to share findings and make recommendations. 

This will enable leaders to anticipate and plan for cultural issues that could arise in the future. The assessment allows you to integrate teams and departments more easily by understanding the strengths of each group, as well as the obstacles that may arise. It also helps to identify where groups can learn from each other and absorb positive cultural attributes. .

PROJECT facilitation

Bringing in an independent person with experience across operations and finance alongside expertise in culture and marketing can really help to have constructive meetings with your prospective new colleagues. 

Someone who is neutral but has defined up front the objectives of both parties can point to the elephant in the room, help with translation if emotions run high and can hold all parties accountable. 

It's like having a mediator to ensure you never actually need one. 

I have previously managed the establishment of a large, multi-national joint venture so if need be I can play the role of a Project Manager in order to keep all parties and suppliers on track.



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