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Backpack's purpose

The purpose of Backpack is to help organisations, and the people in them, benefit from awareness and authenticity. 

Knowing who you really are as an organisation and embracing that, embedding it into strategies, activities and behaviours and living it, is empowering. 

We can start talking! We can start sharing, we can be open and vulnerable in order to get to the right answers quicker, we can empower colleagues to act autonomously and to collaborate - we can trust them to decide which for when.


We can focus our strategies, we can focus our activities, we can create deeper, longer lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers. 

We wont have to memorise statements from the marketing team or paint our values on the wall - because we will be us and we know us and we know what we're about.

We can stop wasting energy, time, money and emotion, stop trying to attract the wrong customers or clients, stop recruiting the wrong colleagues, stop chasing multiple visions, stop pandering to personal agendas.


We can stop worrying about being asked the tough questions because however tough the question we will know the answer in our gut - even if its a tough answer too. 

Backpacker values

These are the values brought to life by all Backpackers - Sammy and the consortium of associates.

We genuinely love to understand what makes people and organisations tick. We whizz around gathering our energy from the passions of others, digging and unearthing what makes them them. 

Frank and Efficient
We have no time for game playing - any of us! We want to spend our lives doing things that are fun AND useful, so no elephants in rooms just honest conversations that move us forward. 

Bright and Sparky
Although not very British to say so, we are an intelligent group, we are informed and we know ourselves well enough to know our limitations - hence the consortium. Sammy's mind works a little like a circuit board and she can quickly spot connections, dependencies and impacts at a zoomed in level in order to quickly zoom out again and see the whole picture. 

Open source and open minded. Ask us anything, we are happy to share all we know and all we have in our backpacks including our connections and tools. And we want to continue filling our backpacks and questioning our own views. 

"As cheesy as it sounds, and as simplistic as it sounds - I just want more people to experience joy more often in their lives.


And I honestly believe that we could get our hands on another big chunk of joy if we all removed the masks and were allowed to be ourselves. If the companies we worked for, the organisations around us and the societies we live in were being authentically themselves too - outside and in.

And the organisations with the best intentions will be more profitable, popular, efficient and sustainable - attracting and keeping talent and out performing their competition."

Sammy Burt, Backpack Founder

Clients - past and present


Some clients from past roles

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