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What is a grown-up anyway?

Still trying to work out how to be a grown-up,
while everyone else seems to have it nailed?


Release yourself from the weight of unreasonable expectation and see a world of possibility with a fresh new perspective from Sammy Burt.

In Sammy's debut book she lands on the answer to a question that has plagued generations. A question that, left unanswered, has fed inner critics and inflated imposter syndrome. An unresolved query that has encouraged people to pop on a well meaning mask to trudge around in. A seemingly ridiculous question that carries great weight.

What is a grown-up anyway? (and how might I be one?)

"The book I wish I'd had in my 20s and 30s
- hell, maybe even my 40s and 50s!"

"I need this book
in my life!"

"I read a lot of non-fiction, this is something I can really learn from and take into my leadership - and my life."

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