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Backpack is a family owned and run business complimented by a consortium of Backpackers, made up of many different people and organisations.


We don't just have one person for each type of role or task that comes along - we have many.
Different writers suit different brands or content types. Different designers, web agencies and marketers do too.

We have a little black book of incredible people and organisations whom we work - ensuring clients always get the best person for the job. 

Sammy Burt
Director, Founder - Purpose, Brand, Culture and Strategy

Sammy's life in business has been a winding one; from hospitality to finance, marketing and brand to internal culture and purpose while most recently working in organisational development. 

Sammy is a self confessed generalist with an unusual ability to connect elements, emulsify insights and develop strategies that benefit the whole organisation, its people and the societies it impacts.

Jim Eveleigh
Director, Founder - Video Strategy, Creative and Production

Jim has worked in media, journalism and publishing industries for many years and most recently puts his expertise in video strategy and production, across mediums, to work on specific branded content. 

Ensuring brands tell their stories, or those of their products, as impactfully and beautifully as is possible. 

Clients have included Morrisons, Logitech, Mazda, Dobbies, National Trust, English Heritage, Scouts and many more.

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