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Being a new business means I don't have 'BACKPACK' case studies just yet, all of my experience has been gained in other agencies and consultancies or in-house. So I thought it might be interesting to tell you a little of what I'm up to right now.

Here's an overview of three projects Backpack has on...


When I started working in the dental industry in 2011 the industry as a whole was twenty years behind in terms of brand and marketing. Everything was dated and tired.

At the world's largest dental show in Cologne in 2017 it was a different matter. Everyone (well mostly) was slick!

Previously dry industries are waking up to the power of a brand that represents them and speaks to their clients. They are realising that relationships previously based on people are harder to cherish in a highly digitised, highly competitive world, so the need to live your brand at every touch point and serve your clients is more important than ever.

I am working with a national organisation in the construction and sustainability sector - and they have big plans!

We are working together to better define their vision so that the whole organisation understands where they are headed an how they are going to get there. Alongside that we are reviewing and defining their brand essence and ensuring that they have all the brand assets they need to set them apart and drive them forward (value proposition, positioning, key messages, characteristics, tone of voice etc.)

This is likely to result in a creative rebrand too! Watch this space!


When the reason many of your clients bought from you originally is your culture it might make sense to try and convey that in your comms too. It sounds obvious but its something that many organisations miss - their external appearance is one thing and their customers experience is another.

My client is hailed for being clever and playful, they educate and involve their clients AND they have a laugh together too.

But it's so tough to tell people how 'fun' you are to work with (as well as intelligent, reliable and challenging) without sounding like an enforced fun "we're so quirky" inauthentic 'bizniz'.

All you can do is be yourself, unless you have a particularly large personality, then maybe dial it down a tad!

Following a number of interviews with this B2B consultancy's own clients I am working with them to bring their value proposition and culture to the forefront of their comms; to better help their brand be consistent in person and online.


I love learning about new things, see my article on niches, but I particularly love working on something hugely complex.

Not everything that is complex can be simplified, or should be. But taking an offer and creating a brand, positioning and proposition that helps the organisation easily convey 'why them' is just so satisfying.

I am currently working on a brand for a start up. A start up that had clients before it had a way of invoicing them! This work has included discovery session with the founders, competitor research and marketplace positioning - we are now embarking on creative. Its a very exciting time!

Next up brand and new business strategy.

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