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There is a scene in 'The Runaway Bride' when Richard Gere accuses Julia Roberts of not knowing which eggs she likes because she always has whatever her dining partner is having - I'm not mad on chick flicks but this moment has always stuck with me - because I don't know what eggs I like either.

I get enthusiastic and excited about things that others do. I feed off of their passion for something even if it is something that has never crossed my mind before. I spent the most amazing weekend in Berlin with a group of friends who live for house music (I'm really more of an 80s girl myself) but their enjoyment was utterly infectious.

I have sat with engineers and waxed lyrical about the helix angel of a tooth on a 0.02mm carbide dental bur and how it will reduce 'chatter' when cutting through a tooth - reduced 'chatter' makes for a faster and more comfortable tooth extraction experience for a patient.

I understand Solar panels and can confidently blag my way through a conversation about biomass boilers, tractors and mountain bikes.

I could discuss orthodontistry, endodontistry, guided surgery and implantology to a fair level without embarrassing myself. I have visited farms in Shropshire in order to see the cows and better understand how cheese is made before it is stored and shipped around the world. I had stinky 'whey' hands for a week!

I have selfies 12 foot in the air on a cherry picker in a warehouse in Glossop because I wanted to really understand the picking process needed to achieve same day delivery for the company's customers.

I understand how paper is recycled and how many times the fibres can be rejoined, I know how and why PET kegs are a better option for beer and wine shipping and storage. I understand the density of bones with Osteoporosis and how doing up your shoelace with a foot on the stairs can avoid a back fracture.

I know that dignity is one of the most valuable things to a person which is why the bottom wiper from Designability is one of my favourite inventions of all time, along with the dementia clock that tells you what day it is and the Wizzybug that gives mobility to children under 5. And that the Wizzybug wasn't just great for getting that child around, the independence gave them a chance to be a real child - and be naughty!

I love working with clients who have a niche because more often than not a niche means a huge depth of knowledge paired with infectious passion. I immerse myself in it, and not because I have to, but because I love it too! Sharing someone's passion brings me joy and allows me to help them better tell their story.

So I don't care if I don't know which eggs I like - I'll have what you're having!

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