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Creative Bath and Coming Second *WINK*

On Thursday evening I donned a vaguely more dressy up outfit, sans heels. We moved our monitor to the kitchen table and chilled some fizz. Jim cooked up a fabulous rack of lamb and we ate and supped and enjoyed our night in/out for the Creative Bath Awards.

Firstly I think its important to mention that the actual awards were brilliantly presented in a virtual format. Nice pace, gentle and real people and far less ad breaks than the Oscars!

Backpack was a finalist in the start-up category, which I was chuffed with already. Once I saw the other finalists I was very flattered to be alongside them. I spent the two days leading up saying if OneSub doesn't win there is something wrong here. OneSub is a brilliant idea with a purpose to smash our echo chambers by removing bias from the news we consume. Very very cool.

Hey ho, the big moment comes and low and behold OneSub win! Hurray!!! I close the app on my phone prep'd with a few 'speech notes' incase the impossible should happen and I win - one likes to be prepared - and we toast the winners!

More wine, more food, a short cameo at the after party and a call to my mum who I know is on the edge of her seat waiting for the results. (NOTE: She was not on the edge of her seat nor had she remembered that it was the awards night - she was likely asleep in front of a rerun of Endeavour or [insert 90s sitcom on Dave], so my call woke her).

"So does that mean you came second?" she asks. I thought for a moment and said "yes, yes mum it does." Me and four other finalists all came second.

Awards mean lots of different things to different people. Don't get me wrong, if I had of won I would have been over the moon, but I am very happy to have a bit of a shout out, a fun night in and a little reminder that this business I am running from my back bedroom is an actual real grown up thing!

Cheers all!

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