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Has your Backpack still got the label on?

Over the years we have seen many consultancy reports, brand decks, strategy documents etc printed out and popped in the bottom drawer. More often than not the work is really good but the client’s project has been delivered and they are left unsure as to how to use it or what to do next with it.

We have this in our heads throughout projects both brand and culture and are constantly discussing with clients the work’s usage and usefulness.

We wrapped up a project this week and with that concern front of mind asked “so do you know how you will go on and use this from here - literally what you will do next?”

The client was 100% confident on next steps and how to use the brand as an asset that will drive their next stage of growth!

To say we were pleased would be an understatement!

Investing in a consultancy, agency or project is not a vanity measure - you need to feel confident that you will benefit from the investment!

So chuffed they do and we can’t wait to see how it works hard for them!

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