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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Energist is one of the UK's leading energy and sustainability consultants and assessors. It work with some of the biggest home builders in the country as well as individuals like you and me.

At 15 years old they have a tried and tested reputation for quality service, outstanding partnership and the most knowledgable team in the industry.

So if, like my mum, you are asking why then they need Backpack - I'll tell you.

Often successful organisations have grown at pace. They haven't had time to catch their breath let alone take a step back and ensure that the brand they are communicating externally matches the brand experience their clients are receiving. Less likely still they'd have time check that the client experience also matches their colleague experience.

That's where Backpack come in.

Following a competitive tender process in the Summer we began working together to define Energist at its best. What is it when it is really nailing it? What does that feel like? What does that look like? When does it come easily? When is it trickier to deliver? What fuels us, what gets in our way?

We spoke with a number of their clients and customers at length to really understand their relationships - why them. We worked with their leadership team in group and individual sessions to understand them, their challenges, their vision, hopes and dreams. We looked to the marketplace to see what everyone else is up to and where the gap is for Energist.

From this work came a true and authentic articulation of Energist at its best - the experience clients have time and time again.

This was shared with the entire company in early September via a fun and full virtual meeting and we are now into a process of reviewing how and what we deliver at every touchpoint with clients. This is involving colleagues from across the company and other third party partners to ensure consistency and robustness in comms and operations.

More than that though - we are now working internally to ensure that Energist is at its best with its colleagues too. That the experiences outside and in match.

Backpack have now also been invited to stay alongside the leadership team and help shape the business, marketing and cultural strategies.

There will be much more to tell on Energist and the cross departmental work we are doing together but for now know that we are excited about the future and, if you need an energy assessor or consultant - they've got our vote.

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