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Organisational Purpose with The London Leadership Club

On the 29th June Sammy was invited to speak with the members of the London Leadership Club at the beautiful Lensbury Hotel in Twickenham on organisational purpose.

The Club members meet once a month to hear from a subject expert as well as support and challenge each other in a highly confidential sounding board. Members are leaders of organisations from all sectors and across the UK.

Sammy was given three hours with the group to introduce organisational purpose, demonstrate the good, the bad and the ugly and facilitate conversations around purpose relative to the members organisations.

Making the session not just interesting but useful and thought provoking too.

We introduced ways of unearthing purpose, ideas as to how to integrate it in (or better still allow it to lead) strategy and shared lots of examples of purposeful activities of commercial organisations as well as the hard numbers and reports from those organisations on its impact for them, their investors and their people.

It was really interesting to hear where leaders are with 'purpose' as a subject. Given it is a bit of a buzzword at the moment but while also being mindful of the echo chambers we may each be in, Sammy wanted to get a feel for their perception of it and its uses.

Some had a good understanding of purpose and how it could be used but weren't sure where they might even start in terms of unearthing something authentic and bringing it to life.

Others were sceptical, not least fuelled but the activities of Brewdog in the days leading up to the session. Some were interested as to how it differs from vision, a cultural framework, or a campaign slogan supporting brand and marketing activity.

Conversations were challenging, fiery and real - just how we like them!

If you'd like to have a non-saley and totally open conversation about organisational purpose then drop us a line.

NOTE: The Lensbury is a big rugby hotel with lots of memorabilia - Sammy couldn't help but pose hence the picture!

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