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The things I can't tell you about but really want to

Backpack works with a number of organisations directly, but also through other organisations - that means that the team are involved with client projects that we can't profess to be 'Backpack clients'.

That doesn't make them any less important or exciting - but it does make it harder for us to celebrate them publicly, to tell you what we're up to and with whom.

It also makes it harder to demonstrate the breadth of experience we are continuing to squeeze into our Backpack and how what we're learning in one place may benefit you or your challenge.

So.... without breaking any confidences here are a few fuzzy descriptions of other work that we are involved with and loving. But mums the word right!?!

Higher Education - Purpose and Communications This University have had their purpose 'named' for over 50 years. A purpose that is well understood by some, lived by many and utterly misunderstood or missed by others, both inside and out. The work with them therefore is not to unearth a purpose - they have one and they can easily evidence how they are living it in ways that are impacting individuals, communities and society both close to campus and around the world. But to help them bring all of it together, to better define it, to better share it and communicate it in order that it works as hard for them in attracting students and colleagues that it aligns with it as it does in their operational strategies. Interestingly they have the opposite challenge that many organisations do. Many find it easy to 'name' a purpose and to start talking about it loudly in their comms and marketing but struggle to know how to truly live it and allow it to fuel them.

Publishing - Purpose and Culture

We are working with a 40+ year old, established and respected publisher to help them unearth their true purpose; and put it to work proactively driving their strategies, their proposition and their people. This has been a hugely interesting project to date, digging into its founding purpose and the view of its 60+ current colleagues and contributors as to its role in the world now.

The next steps are to help the organisation embrace their purpose and bring it to life.

Education - Brand and Culture

We are currently working with an independent international school helping them to better understand themselves, what sets them apart and what it is about them that will help the right students see themselves there. The result of this work initially will be a fresh, differentiated and authentic proposition to the marketplace (both UK and international) while later in the year we will work with them to reignite their colleagues and their culture.

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