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Would any of your people benefit from a coach this Autumn?

As your people either return to the workplace, migrate to hybrid-working or simply get their heads around where they are now - who jumps to mind that would benefit from a period of individual, confidential, and future focussed coaching?

I am in conversation with organisations about 6-week periods of regular coaching with leaders, middle managers, rising stars and those returning after maternity. Does this peak your interest? Would a call be useful to discuss it further? Pop me a note and let's chat -

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What is coaching?

An individual (or group) spend a period of dedicated and focussed time with a coach. That coach creates a safe space in which they can name and better define goals, talk through challenges, agree next steps or actions and time frames to move toward their goals.

The coach's role is to enable the individual to consider their goal or situation more deeply and to help them reach their own views or decisions.

When is coaching useful?

Coaching can be hugely beneficial in times of change, or when working toward a desired change. It can also help individuals who are in periods of discomfort or tension. Coaching however can sometimes act as a safe space for a coachee to voice their thoughts and question themselves.

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